Best Business Support Platform in Baghdad, Iraq


Inter Trade Center (ITC)

Inter Trade Center (ITC) was established by Inter Group (IG) in Baghdad, Iraq in 2019 to accommodate manufacturers, service companies and EPC contractors from around the world.

To be renowned as a reputable and leading trade center in its designated sectors in Iraq. 

To maintain longstanding relations across its value chain.

To serve our clients by following best practices and furnishing quality laden products and specialized services.

To create a work environment in which our work force can achieve their goals and objectives through career development.

We will always enhance the Group Performance.

We will exert our efforts to achieve excellence.

We will conduct our business with transparency along with ethical values to serve our clients.

We treat our employees with respect, fairness and dignity and to make their work environment as attractive as possible.

  • ITC is mandated to promote and market the products and services of its international members among Iraqi traders, distributors, contractors as well as government organizations.

  • Samples of products and brochures of ITC members will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of ITC in Baghdad.

  • Account managers trained by ITC member companies will liaise between Iraqi private and public sector companies with the ITC members in order to obtain sales contracts.

  • ITC will assist its members to identify distributors for their products and services in Iraq and to sign distribution agreements.

  • ITC will organize periodical trade meetings between the ITC account managers and Iraq traders, contractors and state companies to introduce and promote the products and services of ITC members.

  • Many companies from different countries became members of ITC.